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new bud....bubbleberry

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by ludachris, Jul 12, 2004.

  1. Heres some bubbleberry a buddy of mine grew. this is some heavy shit

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  2. very crisp head high with a touch of couch lock thrown in, odd

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  3. last one, this is too much work when high

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  4. lookin yummy, wanna give me some?
  5. nope, those 2 nugs u see are all I have until i get paid on friday. they will most likely be gona by tomorrow night
  6. ah i was lookin forward to your bubbleberry...........are you gonna get any more of that?............looks nice smoke it up........
  7. yes i will definately be getting more of this on pay day.
  8. Location: Edmonton

    I'd love to move there. You need a roomate man? Haha.

    Looking good as usual.

  9. it gets cold in the winter, but the weedsmoke warms me up. if im ever in need of a roomate i will let u know :)

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