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New Bubbler

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Atticus1828, May 12, 2006.

  1. so it was my birthday yesterday so I sort of made it a tradition last year that I would buy a bubbler on my birthday...

    I found the best one in my local head shop. they dont have too many top of the line pieces of glass but this is the nicest I could find. It also fits in well with my other glassware.

    the parents are gone all weekend, so I think im picking up a 1/4 tonight to really break this baby in.

    my friends and I had the name all picked out alreayd before we went.."Mr.Mojo Rising" in honor of the greatest american rock and roll band ever, the doors. as soon as I saw this I thought thats Mr. Mojo! let me know what you think

  2. sick bubbler, sick name, im trying to find a good price for one on ebay, the only thing i wanted to ask was.... how do you get the water in and out .... Mouthpiece?
  3. Thats a nice bubbler.
  4. nice bubbler
  5. To get water in and out of my bubbler I just use the carb. Works well, and very nice bub. I love the name
  6. yeah, either the mouthpiece, or the carb on the other side not in the picture...anything other than the bowl. thanks for the nice comments.
  7. Nice bub bro I still have yet to get one for myself, but I wiiiiillllllll.... JOE>
  8. Love the piece man! Nice find. Makes me miss my double bubbler that I only got to smoke out of a couple times before it broke. :( It was the same colors as yours. After the terrible breakage, that piece was named Sir Breaks A Lot. (I tried putting it back together, don't ask, and it stayed in working order for a little while but before I got to smoke out of it another time, it broke again)
  9. i love it i miss my bubler.....:mad: bring back memories

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