New Bubbler

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  1. new bubbler let me know what yall think

  2. That's awesome for sure. The color change on that is gonna be sick. Totally jealous. How many currencies did that set you back, if you don't mind sharing?
  3. $50 from a local shop. it was the only piece that i looked at without a price.  i have been told by friends that i got a great deal while one other shop said i may have broken even. either way it hits nice and changes color pretty nicely.
  4. Doooope. Glass looks thick, a bub like that might fetch $80 new. Mayve $70.

    Looks like a bitch to clean, though.
  5. image.jpg

    This is what it will start to look like

  6. it is a pain to clean to a degree but not that hard lol

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