New Bubbler--Wicked Piece

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    Just picked this up, nice piece, but not a heady price tag---$65, was normally priced $150 but my guy gives me cost on pieces at his shop.

    The zebra print pieces are functional tubes that smoke travels through!

    On with the pics.




    Hits real smooth, I saw this piece and just thought it looked very nice, so i bought it!
    After taking it for a test drive, I realized that this piece rips like a badass, it has a fixed diffused downstem in it, I just can't wait to clean it, gonna be a task!
  2. It's sooo beautiful!
    I need to get myself a bubbler.
  3. nice glass my man
  4. damn ive never seen anything like that
  5. YEA its a real nice piece, i enjoy it!

    Thanks guys for the feedback
  6. Wow best bubbler I've EVER seen for that price. Those worked sections are amazing
  7. that things gotta look sick when the smoke travels through the zebra tubes. although i dont know that i would call that a heady bubbler, and someone please correct me if im wrong, but im pretty sure that's some import prodo glass, just judging by the cobalt glass and patterns.
  8. Ya it's definately chinese prodo. The sections look pretty nice and for that price I'd definately grab it up.
  9. I agree.

    But it's still one hell of a grab for $65.

    Can't say it's my taste, but nice pickup anyway. :)
  10. lmfao i have a bubbler that looks exactly like that just different colors

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    Yep, they're both import prodo pieces.

    But they're still pretty nice pieces. :)

    Good thing you didn't pay $150, huh?
  12. yea yea, so would u call a 'heady' glass like a ONE of a kind piece or what?

    jubagel how much did u pay for yours?
  13. Yeah $65 is a damn steal, very nice!
  14. holy shit that hella nice!!

  15. ya, heady work is most often one of a kind, but more importantly, it's just when an artist puts a lot of work into making a really nice piece.
  16. exactly
  17. very nice piece
  18. As everyone else said, very nice piece man; especially for the price.

    Only downside I can see is it'd be a bitch to sit it down if it was packed. I love when my friends have nice pieces but hate when they don't have like a flat surface on them so they can set down easily. Sucks.

    Nice find!

  19. That's sicc!:D

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