new bubbler, what do you think

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    got this nice ass double chamber bubbler for 40$ thick as hell glass, hits way nice.
    bowl is a little small though

    here are a few pics. this is my first bubbler, and i had another regular piece

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  2. Color scheme is badass man, I like it, you cant really go wrong w/ $40 either.
  3. thanks. yeah i'm really digging the colors but it looks quite darker unless it's under light like in that picture.

    holds a lot of water too, more than on a lot of other bubblers i've used.
  4. That is a really nice looking piece bro. Enjoy it, money well spent. :D
  5. Looks nice, good pick up :D
  6. Thanks all you. it's kind of a bitch to pour out the water you know? who else has a bubbler and thinks it's a pain without getting the bowl wet.
  7. I'v had three bubblers, now only two, RIP. But one comes apart in three pieces...all glass on glass. and the others a hammer so i just pour it out of the mouth piece and then the bowl doesnt get wet. My dead bubbler was a huge tripple chamber with a glass on glass pull stem. off of the chambers came a huge sherlock mouth piece, all diffused. It was dope then my friend dropped it. But in the end all of my bubblers are easy to dump out.
  8. i can dig that, i had one similiar to that and i broke it
  9. I hope mine won't break any time soon :/.

    doubt it though, although it's on the smaller side, the glass is about 2 cm's thick in the chambers. a little thinner in the mouth piece but barely.
  10. The best way to get the water out of that badboy would be to slowly tilt it and pour it out the carb. Gotta do it slowly or else you got a soggy bowl.
  11. Thats a real nice bubbler dew. I got one a few months back for 25 and i like it a lot and my bowl looks the same size as yours does(small).... but ya it is a pain pourin the water out especially when your drivin...
  12. I got two bubblers very similar in style and I love them (my favorite way to smoke). Yours looks amazing, I really like the color scheme. Anyway to your water problem. I have found that pouring out the carb for me never really worked, I just pour it out of the mouth piece. Worst case scenario you have a little bit of a wet bowl, but it will eventually dry so it is no big deal.

    Hope you really enjoy that bubbler and happy toking
  13. yeah i messed around with it a little not too long ago it seems as though pouring out the mouth piece is most efficient.
  14. Why does it matter if u pour it out of the bowl? Wouldn't it dry later anyway? Sorry if its a stupid question but it I dont really see how it would be an issue :confused:
  15. looks nice, i would hop on that if it said 40 dollars on the pricetag
  16. nice looking like the blue my main color
  17. i've been using it the past couple of days. epic man i love it. such a bitch to clean to poop out of a dead bowl though. i'm so used to just blowing it out throiugh the mouth peice

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