New bubbler arrived!!!

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  1. My new bubbler that I bought off my camera doesn't work right now so i posted the picture off the website. It just came in today and i already broke it in :smoke: hahaha any name ideas? bubbler_stand_alone.jpg
  2. Looks like a nice piece brother. Name it Tippy. Hopefully it wont tip though!
  3. congrats it's very pretty. Name it Sir.Pretty
  4. hey thanks for the + rep! ill consider the names fersure! :D
  5. tippy is cool. Its the name of one of george carlin's dogs.
  6. hmmm i like the name tippy. Tippy it is! :hello:
  7. Is that right? I didnt know, pretty cool
  8. ya plenty of tippy stories... Even in death:

    "we like to say he committed suicide. Tippy was teeny... Even before the truck came by. The truck made him teenier, flatter, but teenier..."

    dogs eat cat turds... You have to have a cat of course. You can't just go out to a store buyin cat turds...

    Check out any of his specials in the 80's and 90s... His cats v dogs bit is in "carlin at carnegie"...

    I dearly miss him.

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