new bubbler....and i got a few questions

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    how the hell dose this thing work i know water goes in it but what is the water level and just lil stuff like that and your help is appreciated

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  2. never mind i figured bubba out
  3. looks more like a dry pipe to me, is there a stem or something to go into the water? it looks like it would just run down the pipe into your mouth...
  4. Yah no offense but that is either a dry pipe or a really bad bubbler design, water should not enter the mouthpiece. I see it has a hammer shape but that doesnt equal bubbler.
  5. I know I was a noob at one point and all, but I'm pretty sure it never took me 30 minutes to figure out how to work a spoon. :confused:
  6. yea lol i am about 99% sure there isnt a stem on that thing lol, at least i cant see it. Take that water out of there and enjoy your pipe :hello:

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