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  1. This is my new breeding set up.  I just set it up.  I've got 4 males strains.  The Chernoble, the Mandala #1, the China Yunnan, and the Nar Kush.  My first time through I plan on putting a China Yunnan male, which is a landrace that I started from seed, in with the Chernoble, the Obama Kush, the Punky Lion, the Tora Bora, and a female China Yunnan, to get more of those seeds. My female China Yunnan is a very nice short bushy plant that harvests a nice musky tasting smoke.  This will be my first time trying my hand at breeding.  Any suggestions will definitely be taken under consideration.


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    I let my buds ripen 8-10 weeks after pollination to get nice mature seeds. I tag lower branches, chop the top off at harvest and shove the plant  to the side to let the lower branch seeds ripen . So I still get a harvest.
    I can show you some tricks on pollen collecting and stuff.
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  3. I was just going to put the females in with the males,  How do you pollinate branches in your regular room without spreading the pollen to other plants?  Also how and when do you pollinate?
  4. I grow males, in full bloom hold them laying on their side over a piece of glass and slap them on the glass, scrape up the pollen with a pill bottle.
    In the flower room with the fans off loosly tape an identifying paper tag on a branch, dip a q-tip in the bottle and touch the bud all around. The female should be about 2-3 weeks into bloom and have white hairs. 8-10 weeks you have selectively bread seeds.
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  5. How long can the pollen be stored for, and what is the best way to store it?  Also what is the curing process for the pollen?  Is it ready right away?  Does it need to be dried first?
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  6. With this info I think I might just flower all four of my males and save the pollen.
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    If kept dry and cool I know 3 months for sure, I have been told 1 year if frozen but have not tried it.
    No cure just very dry and in a pill bottle with the silica packets that suck up moisture. you just dont want it to mold.
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    well yea, keep he pollen separated and labeled in the bottles. make and cross as you like.
    My first hand pollinated cross was northern lights crossed with big bud. like 15 years ago.
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  9. Very nice, thanks for all the good info.
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    Any time Ill be around and hope to see picks of your greens some time.
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  11. I just posted some picks of a few of my indoor strains in the grow journal section. 
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  12. How long does a male need to be in flower before I start to harvest the pollen off it?  And do males finish flowering like females do, or can I just keep he same male plant flowering for an extended time?

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