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Discussion in 'General' started by spillee86, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. Sooo, got all my Christmas money and shit and now about to buy my very first bowl, seeing as NOBODY uses them here in the UK and after my US trip I realised just how much easier and better they are to smoke weed with than joints.

    Only question is, do I need to get filters for it??

    I'm pretty certain nobody filtered it when we smoked their shit in America, I didn't even KNOW you needed one until it popped up as a 'recommended item' on the purchase page. But they might have done and I just was being stoned and unobservant.

    What's the views GC? I'm admittedly a little naive in this area.
  2. no you dont need a filter for a bowl! never heard of that
  3. Yeah I never heard of this shit either, but I did a bit of research and some people are shouting out that you need them.

    Then I got bored and just thought I'd ask the City myself.
  4. Do you mean screens? I use screens, they keep the piece so much cleaner and prevent scooby snacks.
  5. Yeah not entirely sure what you're talking about. If you mean screens, they will keep your piece cleaner and prevent you from sucking in weed, AKA scooby snacks, but they're not at all necessary. If you actually mean a filter, then no... I don't even know how you would use a filter with a spoon. On an unrelated note, I dislike when people say 'bowl' when they mean spoon. 'Bowl' is so ambiguous. But that's just me ranting. :smoke:
  6. I would recommend getting a screen. Specifically a glass screen as opposed to a metal one. Glass>everything

  7. This, i use metal ones and they clog all the time.
  8. I use silver screens and they are awesome , Im about to smoke a huge bowl now , im so high

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