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  1. Hey just picked up a new bowl I Decided I was getting the first one that caught my attetion and kept it. The mouth piece is really nice. What do you think?

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  2. mouthpiece is wild man! haven't seen that yet. I too have a spoon with the carb on top instead of on the side :D
  3. Nice Spoon Pipe I Love Glass Spoon Pipes Man.
  4. Actually the carb is on the side but that would be cool if the eye was the carb.
  5. Very unique looking piece. Good choice. :D
  6. yeah that mouthpiece is solid were there any other pipes with a mouth piece like that at the head shop? nice pick up
  7. dude, heres some advice someone gave me one time
    dont buy pieces just because its cheap as fuck
    buy it because it stands out, or means something to you.

    i just wanted to drop that. i love that pipe though man, that shit is sooo fuckin dope
  8. Cool. Looks like some nice thick glass.
  9. That thing probably has the greatest air flow
  10. Excellent choice. Way cooler than any glass spoon I own. Looks like it hits well. Enjoy.
  11. There were only one or two with those mouth pieces. And the lady said it was from some young local kid just starting out. it only cost like 25 bucks so I think it was a nice pickup.
  12. Milkshots? How's it go?
  13. I'm diggin the eye on the front of the bowl & that mouth piece. Badass from front to end!

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