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    Got this the other day from a local headshop. Its one of the local blowers pieces, hes done a whole line of "double pyrex" pieces, which means its crazy hard to break. (Lady behind the counter threw it and it bounced off the ground, my face was like this :eek:) Its also made of chameleon glass, and its already started to change :D

    But yea i posted this in the apprentice section, i got a new pic so i didnt feel like digging the thread out, besides this section is more appropriate :]

    Day i bought it:

    Yesterday when me and my friend decided to kill our clips. Sooooooo high :smoking:
    Ill post another picture of it fully transformed (you can see some of it right next to my thumb, purple bluish) or if i feel like taking another milkshot :cool:
  2. Thats a cool pipe mang! Is it First peice or what? No offense but your mind may be blown if you go to a bigger headshop!

    If it's your first peice i'll +rep ya! Reply.
  3. Ha nahhh i wish it was my first piece. My first bowl i used probably 3 times but i hate using it, bought it on impulse. This one on the other hand i absolutely love, the pic below is some resin bud and some kief, gotta love wake and bakes :metal:
  4. Nice, hell yeah wake and bakes are the shit man!! Toke on!! :smoking: This hoots for you + repp!!
  5. Nice looking pipe man. I went to a shop once and the dude threw the pipe on the ground and we were all like "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" lol and then it just bounced and stuff so we were all impressed.

    Really diggin' the colors though, cant wait to see it fully change!
  6. Yea they are! Woke up, no one was home, only thing i could think of to do :D
    I know im so pumped to see it complete. But its fun everytime i smoke it, it changes just a little bit
  7. That is a nice lookin spoon but it looks thin as hell. I cant believe it passed the drop test. take care of it just in case.
  8. Is that gonna fill with another color or get all ressy brown?
  9. Nice pipe and all but I was thinking it would have been really funny if the guy threw the pipe on the ground thinking it wasn't going to break and it just shattered all over the place.:smoking:
  10. So far the lines have lightened and theres a purple-blue hue that has come about the rim of the bowl, so im pretty sure its gonna be a diff color.

    Hahahaha when that kind of stuff happens its always hilarious

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