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New Bong!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Sir.TokeAlot, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. A little over priced but looks good none the less. Nice lil smokin' wizard there on the side.
  2. NOICE bong man!!!!:hello:
  3. yea, it has a wizard on the back....its nice, holds about .5 in the bowl....easy to clear too, i love it...i actually bought it because of the purpleish color on the bottom as lime a memorial for Purple Haze (in my gallery.....i think...) but yea, i love it, and so does everyone whohas hit it...
  4. Congrats, man, enjoy it to the fullest.

    Toke on, my friends. :D

  5. nice piece. and go raiders. on totally different subject i hope they draft Vince Young, he would go well with Art Shell and Al Davis philosophy.

    Hook Em Horns
  6. Sir.TokeAlot, That's a great piece man! I bet it does rip hard as hell! Nice pics. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Nice bong man, the wizard is cool shit. +rep

    Have fun, bongs are the best! :bongin:
  8. Nice bong dude! pricey, yes. dank, definatly
  9. Nice little bongy bong bong. JOE>
  10. Nice bong!!! I just remember Purple by smoking more of it
  11. Sweet bong, I like it alot I bet it rips hard, price seems right to me enjoy!:smoke:
  12. nice little bong...hope you enjoy those bong rips...boy i miss a bong

  13. haha i didnt mean the weed, had a lil purple acrylic bong that got crushed by the po-po's:( its name was Purple Haze

    but i do love this one, it hits hard, but its very smooth, i dont think ive ever coughed on this one .....
  14. Enjoy the bong man. Bong is definitly my favorite way of smoking.

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