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  1. hey everyone have been on here to much just bought a new bong its a Phire. Glass on glass with a diffuser with a beaker bottom and a ice catch. im new to glass bongs and glass on glass and i dont realy like the slide it came with tho i think its a 14mm but it might be 14.5mm idk how to tell the difference anyone know how to tell.and would a 14 fit in a 14.5 and they come in a lot of sizes kinda overwhelming here is one pic for now

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  2. Nothin like a bong.
  3. idk if you were told they come in a lot of sizes but as far as i know there are two sizes for this style of bong(glass on glass joint). 14mm and 18mm
  4. By the pic, I'd say it's a 14MM. There's three diff sizes for slides: 14MM, 18MM, and 29mm. But some people say there's 14.4mm, 18.8mm, and 19mm. I think thats all I've heard of, but there's all the same size. 14.4 and 14mm is the same, as 18, 18.8 and 19 mm.
  5. It's 14.4 and 18.8, but everyone just calls them 14 and 18mm, then you got 29mm but that's different.

    14 is better if your trying to conserve or milk.

    18 is just a better hit, IMO. More airflow, faster clearing, etc..
  6. 14 size of dime
    18 size of nickle
    29 size of quarter
  7. alright thanks a ton guys, Yeah people call them different sizes kinda threw me off haha. I new it was the smallest size slide but for the bong size its perfect, She hits like a champ. All my other bongs had been plastic waste of money never again. glass is just so much better

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