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    Hey guys, not really new to the forums been reading around for a while.
    been smoking a while but just recently got my new first bong.
    just a picture of it on my lap
    my friend testing it out before lighting
    close up of the ash catcher/bubbler slide
    and for fun

    sorry if they are quality pics (taken from phone)
    but tell me what you think all together it cost about 200 with slide and ash catcher
  2. pretty sick looking bong...enjoy it
  3. nnnnniiicceeee
  4. Did you buy this off the internet? Looks familiar.
  5. nice piece. i like the way they the ice catcher is set up
  6. Freakin' sweet!
  7. nice setup. not the biggest fan of the slide but sick bong and a/c
  8. Sick ,sick Tight, tight cool ,cool.:bongin::yay::bongin::yay::bongin:
  9. no i bought this from my local headshop
  10. haha i want it. I love bongs with rasta colors on it
  11. Good purchase. Enjoy.
  12. that bong is sick as fuck. i hope you enjoy it :)
  13. looks like ur bong is wearing a fucking condom wtf is that on it. get a straight glass on glass dont fuck around with rubber.
  14. So when can I come over and hit that? Haha.

    Jk man, but nice piece, rip that shit! :bongin:
  15. shits pretty fuckin nice
  16. What kind of AC is that

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