New bong!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by marijuanaman123, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. Well there was a parade in my town this weekend and my mom woke me up and asked if I;d like to go along with my nephew and her, I agreed. Well I;m sittin on the sidewalk waitin for the parade to start and I see the head shop is open when its usually closed so I figured what the hell and ran in.

    I got in and the first thing I noticed was a Purp brand bong, I guess their an off shoot from the designers of roor and phx. Back to the bong its about 1.5' tall with a 5.5'' base, 3 cone ice catcher,diffused down stem, ash catcher with the logo on the front and finally but best off all its sand blasted but the logo even the ash catcher.

    Ooo yea it's also all glass on glass. I'm a regular there and on occasion go in with a friend and drop 3-4 hundred dollars on various things. He wanted 180, 190 including tax, I said total 165-170 and then he said 160 total and i promptly agreed.Its hits great, gets me so high....... Shitty part is the usb cable doesn't fit the camera I have so I have no way of gettin the pics on here. Hell or high water i'll get em on, hopefully....... :hello:
  2. Sounds nice man. Is it purple? Wish ya could post pics though.
  3. naw its im tryin to figure out a way ill prolly go buy thr correct usb cable.

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