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new bong

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ceres2713, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. the peice looks nice but for 16.45 seems a little cheap
  2. looks good, but why does the site have the same exact pictures and layout as weedcity
  3. that site is weedcity

  4. thats $30.00
  5. weedcity has a black and green layout. Probably same people though.
  6. those tubes are bullshit. mark my words you get what you pay for
  7. is their glass thin? i think their sliders
  8. you'd be better off smoking out of a severed head. at least it wouldnt shatter:
    plus once it rots away to just the skull you could sell that shit for like 600 bucks online
  9. yeah, a 30$ bong that size probably has VERY thin or cheap glass..
  10. Wow, thirty bucks, pretty sweet if you ask me. If it has thin glass, then just take care of it. You get what you pay for, but don't break what you pay for is also another good rule of thumb.

    I like the double bubble design anyway.

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