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    In the market for my first bong...

    Over 21" buy awsome bongs online - Buy Cheap Bongs Online Headshop - Product Info - 21" 1 X 18 Dbl. Rings Arms Water pipe - Tube / CL / CL
    Is that a good one?

    Plan on getting some stuff from the "Customers who bought this product also purchased" on that page such as the downstem, similar blue ashcatcher but with more arms, and maybe a blue bowl....

    Would that be an ideal bong and add-ons?

    The total for Bong, Diffused Downstem, Bowl, and Ashcatcher is around $177...

    Price Range = $200
    Best Deal is what I'm looking for... Do I need all those attachments (Perc Bong, Diffused Downstem, Ashcatcher) to the bong or is it overkill? From what it looks the bong has no brand... Is that bad?
  2. Is this website legit?

  3. As far as I researched everything looks good...
  4. Yea this website legit...I just ordered a bong last week good stuff and fast shipping.
  5. Recently researching and see that tree percs are a thing of the past because there are much better things out there....

    Is this all I would really need? Maybe just add an ashcatcher to this and thats the complete bong?
  6. Man, now I'm thinking about getting an Apix Gridded Stemline. For $145, that's a great bong. If I get one, I may get a worked bowl or something.
  7. Just the simplicity of that Apix Bong, and yet it will hit much better.. I think I'll go with this Apix

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