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  1. image-4001349498.jpg

    New bong got it for 20 buckS new
  2. Nice piece for $20!
  3. Nice piece man! For $20 I wish I could get it
  4. Thanks guys got it at the flee market
  5. Imported straight from china ;)
  6. Thats probably true man but i only bought it for 2 week use because parents are out of town , im a sell it or just smash it , i rather use a glass bong instead off a water bottle and a shaft
  7. It might be china glass, but still don't smash it!
  8. That is a fantastic 20 dollar pick up! Glass on glass for so cheap is an amazing score!
  9. I cant hide it man , especially the smell its not worth me getting caught

  10. that 905 region! same dude

  11. aha hey :D
  12. That's a epic steal at 20. If your worried about the smell of the pipe just clean it with Iso and salt. Then again, smashing something that was only 20 bucks would be fun, although the clean up wont be.
  13. Might just place it in a public dumpster
  14. Or you can donate it to a friend that may want to use it a bit, and then later on your friend can pass a glass device onto you? :hello::cool:
  15. dont know how that would be hard to hide, especially if you clean it and just put it out of sight. unless you have very snoopy parents going through your shit.

    still, good deal at 20
  16. Honestly man strict anti drug family not like with weed its just the smoking in general since my grandfather died of lung cancer and so many other people , and it isnt that hard to hide i have it in a safe at the moment , its just im not into maintaining it
  17. a few days left , and im getting rid of the bong , only used it for 3 days, it is to harsh even with ice , plastic water bottle bong was better
  18. That's cuz your getting a real hit with no air like a water bottle. Nothin beats glass on glass lol I would give it to a buddy at least you would have a chance to use it again
  19. I call bullshit on that. I have not seen a new bong for $20 since the 80's. And it was plastic.
  20. Where the hell do you live? You can find china glass bongs at pretty much every hs in my area starting at about $20

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