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New bong

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Proud2Smoke, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. Nice bong. I'd get a sick ashcatcher to go with it though.

  2. all in due time, my budget started at 40 dollars (silly i know right) and somehow ive ended up here..
  3. Go for it. My first bong was 36 bucks, still have it, still toke from it time to time. I have a niceass bubbler so I don't use it as much for it consumes more weed.

    My glass was Weed Star and it is a straight pipe. Wish I would've spent 4 more bucks for ice catchers though :(
  4. Nice thick bong man. Def. worth 80$.
  5. #7 Proud2Smoke, Mar 21, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 21, 2012
    hey i get 10 percent off because i post here dont i? and is this 10 percent of EVERYTHING including shipping? that would be awesome

  6. If you are getting it from GC and put in the code up at the top ^^^^^^^^ then yes :wave:

  7. No not the shipping. It takes 10% off then does shipping. Is Blaze Glass made in CA?
  8. oh i see, and im not sure on that ill look into it
  9. Because you said local headshop and I got confused because you posted a bong from GC. :confused_2: I looked at it and seemed to be shipped from Amsterdam.

    Edit: Local ONLINE headshop, I'm high I didn't see it :eek:

  10. haha yeah i chose my words carefully! this is my community ! and if i could live in it (which i practically do!) i would :D
  11. nice. looks like you got the best of both worlds lol.

  12. I would live in it too, there would be regular gatherings for smoking every other day or something :smoke:
    I'm medicated btw :hello:
  13. Im contemplating taking a t break as soon as i order until it arrives, then get absolutely wrecked :smoke:
  14. Save up a little more and get one with percs its worth it man
  15. i was going to get the black leaf flaming skull w/ dome perc but i wouldnt want percs to break and ther that bit more harder to clean.Also this was way out of my budget (plus shipping) but i realised spending that little extra bit will save me more money in the future
  16. Good choice looks nice. But theres a carb?! :eek: I'm not down with carbs on a bong
  17. growing up in australia, when you start smoking = gatorade bottle, hose/metal stem/brass cp, with shoddy/carb hole. Use to it brother. Most bongs in the crappy HS we have are gauranteed to have a shotty except if you went the 20-30 min drive for a glass stem/slide, then you just cover the shotty the whole time, problem solved for this one aswell. Blaze usually if not always includes a carb stopper

  18. Don't worry, I'm sober and didn't notice. :p

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