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  1. have you guys seen those new glycerine bongs? You put it in the freezer and always have an ice hit!! Has anyone used one of these before? Think the brand is illadelph?
  2. never heard of such a thing



    BTW I'm across the bridge in 727
  3. Wouldn't that just crack? cold + heat from lighter= break?
    It would be a pain in the ass to hold that thing when it's icy too.
  4. Gloves and soldering iron.

  5. thats probably why they made it out of glycerine
  6. The glycerin just gets really cold doesn't freeze, the glass is far to thick and a butane lighter cant create enough heat to really crack that kind of glass from just smoking a bowl with it.
  7. plust your putting the lighter to the slide not the bong it self
  8. Is that a legit illy glycerin-coil? I had only seen illadelph's that had the removable coil.
  9. its too legit to quit
  10. [ame=]YouTube - Illadelph Glass Interviewed by G4[/ame] (1:20)

  11. Such a strange TV show to be interviewing Illadelph...
  12. that's an old school once piece illy.

    Other companies do this as well. I have a wicked sands tiny tube 1 piece glycerin tube. the glyc is around the perc, makes for one smooth toke.
  13. Nice piece. I found a knock off in ybor city for like $300, made by a local glass blower. I'm wondering if I should spend the extra $$$ for the real deal, illadelph... Does the same shit.
  14. In - FUCKING - Credible.

    that is genius. and to the guy who had it, i hate you lol jk ur lucky

  15. Pretty sure those are real. He said he gets em shipped to NY then down here. The guy that owns the place is cool as a motha.

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