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  1. ok im not new to gc or the fourms. but i have never got a name brand bong. i have 3 bong a bubbler and seven pipes. but i want them to have a nice name brand bong next to them only one problem. im broke. ive been looking ad weed star and like the looks and the PRICE and i got it down to these to well one cuz one bong and i want it to look diffrent and get a pre cooler. here are the pics. i want any and all comments on them and if anyone has had one of these to if you could rate them for me that would be nice. sorry if im not making sence ive been smoking all day and im zoning out a little.

    pre-cooler: WS Double Bubble 18.8 mm Precooler - Dutch -

    bong: Weed Star Slim-Jim 2.0 - ICE - Dutch -
  2. What's your budget?? There are way better options for a name brand tube.
  3. im trying not to go over 80 or 90. but thats with s&h. i wish i could have more money but its the economy (forgive my spelling) but if you dont mind and you look around post the link ill deff give them a look. but i here ws is getting better and more popular
  4. check out some zongs

  5. whoop whoop but wtf is a zong. sorry im new to name brands
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    I'd say go onto Etsy and get an SSFG tube or you can even find customs. Even Ehle is a nice brand.
    Zong is a brand buts it's pretty expensive and kinda hard to come by authentic Zong brand stuff, many people also use the word zong for a bong of a specific shape, they have too many breaking points though.

    I would advise against weedstar, they use stolen designs for their products.
  7. its a brand name. most (maybe all) of their bongs have a zig zag shaped neck
  8. i went to and typed that in but nothing came up. i did find out what they stand for soul shine family glass thatss rite rite
  9. Yea type that in to etsy or even google and you'll find their shop on Etsy.
  10. i found it but the prices are a little steap. but for costom i think its worth it. i WILL be getting my next next bong from them. im ganna look at that other brand now
  11. I picked up a zong quite a few pick ups ago at my LHS for 75 but IMO they have so much drag you're probably better off with an E like a few people have said.
  12. ok i read some reviews on weed star. they may not be the best brand out there but i only came across a few bad ones but they were about the stoles modles. idc about that to much but one guy said he got a roor and a ws and did a test and thet he could not tell a diffrence. i will still be looking into any and all suggestions. i just thought i should stand up for weed star just a little cuz there the reasion i made this thread

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