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new bong please help

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by skateonwater, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. okay i went to my local shops the other day to sort out my options andddddd

    roor icemaster black 5mm (they had a yellow label for the same price, is that a 5mm too?????) with no diffy (normal downstem) 18.8 joint


    PH(x) duo STRIGHT TUBE with 1 diffused dome perc and phx diffuser included.

    both of these are 280 and the shop has a buy somehting get something of equal or lesser value half off. could i put a roor diffy in the phx?? (roor is 18.8 but the phx is only 18mm, is that an issue or will it fit.)

    is an AC worth it for the duo? ive heard the percs get dirty like, mad fast. but i dont want it so make a shischt load of drag. the shop guy said the duo was better. but......

    if anyone has used both of these and would like to give me a testimonial that would be great. at the moment im leaning towards the duo straight tube because of the perc for huge smooth hits but the roor is amazing too. anyway any help would be GREATLY appreciated, making my purchase thursday. thanks a million
  2. Are you talking about Novelties?
    Gah, I hate that place.
    I'd get the Roor. PHXs have inferior joints and their percs have a lot of drag.
  3. novelties/pipes n stuff. why do you hate it?
  4. if ever in a situation between the two, I know i'd go for the roor, just on the drag factor of a phx alone.
  5. definatly get the PHx i got one and it is amazing best thing i ever bought
  6. x2 :bongin:
  7. PH(x) I love perculation.

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