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  1. Hey everyone, just got back from picking up my new stemless Grav labs 5 arm perc bong in Austin, TX personally from Rob over at grav labs (he made this one himself) and I feel like I got a really good deal for it, only paid $98.. came with a brand new grav labs bowl, which has a hairline crack in it that I just noticed, but the bowl is way to big anyways, so I'll be getting a new one soon. I'm out of bud until Wednesday, but I'm really looking forward to trying it out =) the glass is really thick, and it stands at about 25" tall, pics probably aren't the best, just took a few with my phone.

  2. Looks like an awesome deal to me congrats
  3. thats dope bro
  4. Sexy

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  5. Whatt 98 bucks for that!?
    F'ing steal man.
  6. Dude, $98? :O
    Throw one my way, man...  :bongin:
    Haha yeah, as I had mentioned the guy I got it from blows glass for Grav Labs which is located in Austin, he had like 5 of these left over, brought them home and was selling them on craigslist, he sells a lot of other grav labs pieces for really good prices too.
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    Update, just got back from picking up a new piece from the same guy over at Grav Labs. Got the STAX set, 4 pieces (circle perc, halo perc, standard mouth piece, beaker base) 3 clips, down stem (for the beaker) and another 18mm bowl which he accidentally grabbed instead of the 14mm which fits the beaker down stem, he felt really bad so he let me keep the 18mm bowl which fits my other piece I bought from him, and he pulled out a brand new vortex helix pipe that he gave me for free since he forgot the 14mm bowl, he hand made the STAX set and the pipe, so nothing has ever been used.. only paid $150 for everything so I'm really happy with my purchase, everything individually would have cost $600+ and I'm not a huge fan of dry pipes, but this vortex is pretty sweet and you can't argue with free..  :hello:  :hello:  :hello:
  9. Never seen one of those. If it rips, grats
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    Yeah it's pretty sick, here's a vid on the STAX line..

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