New Bong-Needs a Name

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by gearhead, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. Hey guys,

    I recently picked up a new tube and cant think of a good name. I'll put up a pic and hopefully someone can help me out. Thanks guys

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  2. is that a zob? I have one that looks just like it except mine is triple perced :rolleyes:
  3. casper....

    its that ghostly white
  4. The vanilla gorilla
  5. no its a gear but that trip perc must look awsome
  6. holy crap sooo many people from toronto

    gearhead you get that from friendly stranger?
  7. I know its pretty sick. No I picked it up from THC.
  8. lol i was thinking the "ice chilla gorilla"
  9. Was the thinkin the exact same thing
  10. Sex Panther
  11. Chill piece, so i'd call it either one of these "Hailstone" (or variation, "In-Hailstone"), "Brain Freeze", "Frostbite", "Ice Crusher", or "Meltdown." Milk it like a farmer. :smoking::D
  12. frapuccino

    i don't name my pieces anymore. nothing sounds right idk
  13. ohh that is eyecandy. sexy. props
  14. no doubt
  15. I love frosted glass. Especially lightly frosted so you can still the full milk effect. As far as names go I'm gonna have to nominate "Frosty, the tokeman". High as hell, first thing that popped in my head
  16. fuck I was gonna say frosty the tokeman, DO IT!

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