New bong need help

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  1. ya, you'll need the torch, a proper sized nail (i prefer Ti nails), a dabber and some oil.
    for the most part, any site or shop in your area that sells glass will sell the proper equipment to dab. if you bring it in to a shop, clean, the day you buy it they can set you up with a nice rig
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    You will need:

    14MM Oil Dome
    Quartz/Titanium Nail
    A dabber. I just use a thin metal poker with a glass mushroom on it I got from a head shop.
    A quality torch. Don't spend less than $25 on it, or it likely won't heat the nail enough.
    There is a Bernzomatic one in the welding section at Home Depot that has them, I've never seen them NOT be there, and I've been to a lot of Home depots.
    Some friggin dabs!

    Total you should expect to spend upwards of $110 if you want a quality dome/nail setup.

    Option 2:   Ebay!
  3. Well on ebay you can get a Ti nail with a dome and adapted for like 30$ and as long as you have a bong that's all you need. Obviously you need a torch too. If you have no idea what dabbing is I don't reccomend buying a piece for it because you seem too clueless on the topic to be interested.
  4. I know what dabing is lol I'm just new to a rig and stuff also thank you guys once I get it In ill go check out my local smoke shop

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