New Bong. Little Help?

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    So I've graduated and my paycheck is looking good and i'll be getting Gradation money very soon. I want to invest some of it into a really nice bong and a few accessories. I don't want to spend much past $300 and this is what I've decided on getting.
    I'll also be getting a few other things.
    Anyway I my question is about the Bong. I've been smoking since my Junior Year but only been smoking heavily the past 4 months or so and i've really been getting into it.
    Will everything that I've ordered work with my new piece? Is there anything else I should be ordering? I'm getting a Hemp Wick from a different website.
    Also... I found the same bong at a different website that's in Germany. It's about $30 cheaper I think I may order it from there and order my accessories from GC. 

    Thanks for any help you guys can give! I just want to make sure my order is solid. I'll be ordering in like 11 days. 

  2. Hey man congrats on graduation. I myself just recently graduated. But I mean no offense when I say this. I probably wouldn't spend 200 on that bong let alone 250. If your in that price range there are some sick pieces you can get. I picked up a David goldstien rooster apparatus for 300. Best piece I've ever owned.
  3. I only say this because first of all the carb hole concerns me. Carb holes usually mean less than top notch glass. And second 5mm bongs also concern me.
  4. Yea I wouldn't of used the carb I'd leave it plugged 95% of the time. I did some looking around though and tell me what you think about this guy.

    It's thicker, no carb, stemless, and has two perks. The reviews on it have been great and I can have it at my door for a little under $300.
    This'll really push my budget but I think I'll be able to get everything on my list.
  5. Oh yeah. I'd rock that thing. But honestly I'd skip on the pre cooler till you can get a nice one. The one your looking at will add too much drag for the amount of diffusion it provides. Only a use for keeping bong clean. I hate drag more than I love a clean piece. And you can clean your piece after each hit if you want. Can't fix stale smoke though. That's my opinion
  6. buy a $15 acrylic and spend the rest on a prostitute. I mean weed spend the rest on weed.
    Oh fuck it i'm baked. Ok here's what you do with the money: Go downtown and find an organ grinder with a monkey. Now these organ grinders do not grind organs or even weed. Pay the monkey to light your bong. Then make sure you buy an actual live camel to spit on the lighter after you use it. Then you tie a rope to the brooklin bridge in ny and swing over to the jersey side where you will buy another monkey. If the camel follows you then thats cool cause you just saved$100 from buying another camel. And then you.......
       .....LMAO I'm so fuckin baked i dont even know what i'm talking about lol
    That sounds like it could work. I'll keep this in mind for when I get some more cash.
    Anyway... I took your advice and i'll buy the precooler at a later date. The screens should keep it clean enough in the mean time. Thanks for your help. I'll be really excited when everything finally arrives.
  8. Pretty sure this is the definition of trolling. That's ok though....
  9. Glad you decided to take my advice :) did you end up getting the stemless bong as well?
  10. yes it was trolling i admit sorry....
  11. I forgive you since you were man enough to admit it and apologize lol

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