New Biohazard 6-Arm 'n' SuperDank Nugs (Plus a Secret Bonus!) [PICS]

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  1. Bought a new bong!


    6-Arm Tree Perc


    Seemingly well constructed.

    Nothing too extravagant, but it hits like honey.

    A matching ashcatcher to go with it too!


    Filled with a little bit of:

    (Purple Kush x Green Crack)

    Island Punch
    (Pictured with my new Hakko Dash N454!)

    And, of course, the milkshot!

    (-'N' A 'lil Bit of Secret Happy Time!-)
    (-[NSFW]: Click on the Picture [DRUG WARNING]-)

    Some purple I had a week ago for the hell of it!



  2. Badass piece man. I love the simplicity of it.

    Hits good I assume? :D
  3. Thanks!

    Hits very well!

    Especially with the Hakko!
  4. nice peice man!! love them straight tubes. Dank buds to dude.:smoking:
  5. sick bong man! that thing is awesome, has to be smooth as hell
  6. im a big fan of clear glass but i like green on that bio. looks good along with the dank.
  7. thats the first 6 arm import that i have seen. interesting

    o yea, nice job with that pic and the K. very cool zoom in and your a very lucky man...i would love some of that right now.
  8. Chinese are getting better I see. (btw the perc doesn't diffuse as well if you angle the tube)
    Weed looks awesome dude.
  9. How much did the bong cost?
  10. That shits so fly.
    I want one ):
  11. special K..
  12. $255

    Out the door!

    Ash Catcher and all!
  13. Yo Phased.

    Hit plz?
  14. You kan haz one if dat's what ur askin!

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