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  1. Here is my little guy Sherlock. A Liver white American Brittany.

    I know the adopt don’t shop thing is really popular right now, but people should also be supporting responsible Kennel club Breeders who breed for the genetic welfare and future of these animals. Things like to stop inbreeding. Neuter/spay contracts for pup buyers, only breeding dogs with good temperments and breading out genetic disorders, etc... we NEED puppies and these are the only folks who should be providing them!

    People who pay a high price for a pup from a good breeder also tend to make better pet owners IME. Not always but usually.


    Here he is hunting in the yard.
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  2. So if you buy a pet rather then re-home one from a shelter it makes you a better owner???

    That's not true at all.
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  3. Having worked in a shelter and many friends who do. I see shelter animals returned every week when people decide they don’t want them anymore. We almost NEVER see papered dogs or cats surrendered to shelters.

    People tend to participate better when they are invested. My last several dogs and one cat were shelter animals though.

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