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  1. Ok yall.....I needed some soil....I recently changed from Roots Organic 707 to Happy Frog. I wanted to get the Happy Frog because it seems to be doing ok for me. However, my money is pretty much "already spent" for the rest of this my Dad offered to get me some "cheap stuff" to use until I can get the Happy Frog on the first of September.

    So I got some soil and perlite....and a tote and mixed the two together......itll give me about 4 plants worth....and i just planted two.....I'm hoping it works out ok....if so i can continue to use that.....which is alot cheaper....instead of Happy Frog or any other "name brand" soil if you will.

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  2. Get some dry amendments and you can turn that cheap organic soil into super soil. You can reuse the soil too by just adding some more dry amendments and some beneficial bacteria to break down the old root system.

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  3. Let me guess you DAD works for Monsanto er....Scotts No...?
  4. Nope......retired Unicore Foreman for the Federal Bureau of Prisons

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