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New batch > Old batch?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by OODA, Dec 12, 2010.

  1. I heard someone talking about how they would only buy a strain that came from a new batch? Is there really a difference?
  2. I'm not quite sure what you are asking.

    Are you asking if cannabis as a dried herb goes bad over time? If so, yes, if it is stored improperly (hot, humid and in the light). However properly stored cannabis can remain good for months. For very long storage, many folks freeze their stash.

    A second possible interpretation of your question could deal with clones. Is the clone of a clone of a clone, the same genetically as the original? The answer is "usually yes", they are the same. There is a slight chance of a branch mutation occurring, but these just don't happen that often. You have likely seen this kind of mutation in plants that will have a single branch of variegated or otherwise different leaves.
  3. damn I butchered my own question. What I mean is when at the dispensary, and they have the weed in the jars..will it be the same quality every time? Or is there a way the process it and it effects the quality.

    For instance I heard that the bud farther from the plant has more THC than the bud nearer to the plant, and if the way they do it is the new batch that they sell on the shelves contains the first the bud from the tip of the bud, doesn't that mean it will be higher quality?

    So I should ask "is this stuff from a new batch?
  4. Some herb becomes better the longer it cures, to an extent.
    so "fresh" might not always be the 'best'
  5. The production of MMJ is mostly unregulated and quality can definitely vary from grow-to-grow, batch-to-batch, and even grower-to-grower. It is highly unlikely that the medicine will be the same quality every time. Some dispensaries may be more consistent than others, but it is still a plant that is grown naturally (for the most part), not a medicine that is manufactured.

    I've never heard that the bud farther from the plant has more THC, but I do not think it is true. Nor do I think that MMJ is harvested the way you describe. I wouldn't worry about asking for "stuff from a new batch" (unless you know that a better batch is due to come in to the dispensary).
  6. different batches can mean totally different weed. one batch could be grown organically while the other used chemicals and wasn't even flushed properly. this will make a world of difference in taste and quality imo. bring in a little jewelers microscope to check out the buds and determine which is the best batch. look for medicine with all the trichromes on the surface of the bud in-tact, this will assure you that the medicine hasn't been kiefed and is quality top-shelf. good luck finding a co-op that doesn't keif their medicine though
  7. What do you mean they keif it? I know what keif is but do they manually remove it somehow?
  8. thats right. its generally done by shaking the medicine over some sort of screen. when you examine kiefed medicine with a microscope you can easily notice that a good portion of the resin glands are actually cut off. you will see just a hairlike structure that has the little ball at the end of the gland(THC) cut off. then these "compassionate" co-ops sell you the kief at another usually more expensive price. to me that is degrading the medicine of its potency and flavor. some co-ops just don't know about this and purchase kiefed meds while others kief their meds and sell the kief. if i'm paying around $50-65 an eighth for top shelf i just expect it to be all there.

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