New Bagseed Grower! Trying to Prove that ANYONE can grow!!!

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  1. Okay, so here's the deal, I've never set up a grow before but one time I germinated some bagseed just to see what would happen. I wanted to follow through but didn't want to spend much money but I still wanted to grow indoors.

    I will be using:
    Three 20 watt CFLs (I know I should get some more powerful ones)
    One small desk fan
    A $5 trash can from Bed Bath & Beyond
    Some peat soil from my tool shed

    I basically want to prove that with the bare minimum (I've spent $60 on everything, equipment extension cords, outlets) anybody, and I mean ANYBODY can follow through on a simple indoor grow.

    The space I have set up is in the lower part of my attic out of sight, and I think the hardest part for me was finding a place to set up, and a place to get power from.

    I know I'll probably be recieving a lot of lip from experienced growers in the sense that I'm almost doing a half-ass job, but I want to see if I can keep a sizeable stash without spending a lot of money or dedicating most of my free-time to my plants. Please don't think that I in any way don't care about my plants though, I just want to see what I can get away with on my first grow.

    I'll have pix put up in a short while.
  2. So I mentioned this is happening in my attic with some bagseed from some okay bud.

    I germinated 5 seeds using the paper towel/tupperware method and took the two that were the most healthy looking (not curly and brownish) and put them in some 3 inch pots with some crappy soil from my backyard. Just a tip - I kept my seeds warm during germination by putting the tupperware container on top of a POM Tea glass filled with hot water, it kept them warm almost all day.

    These are pics up in my attic, of my small 2' X 2' X 3' grow space.
    Plants are 4 days old (after germination).

    Grow 012.jpg

    Grow 011.jpg

    Grow 005.jpg

    Grow 006.jpg
  3. Pix also from 4 days old.

    I have 2 plants, but the other one isn't doing so well so I didn't wanna risk messing it up, so I have only been photographing one of them.

    Grow 008.jpg

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  4. let us know how they turn out keep up the log
  5. So it's been 15 days since my last update, and I guess there hasn't been a whole lot of progress but my plants are growing (slowly).

    Another seed sprouted and started growing, so I've got 3 plants going and I don't know if anyone can see in my really shitty pictures, but the middle of th larger leafed plant has some dark red/purple in the middle where the newer leaves are growing. Is this a sign of anything?

    Anyway...I know these pictures suck, sorry, my digital camera for some reason can't get a good detailed shot of anything.

    Grow 007.jpg

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  6. one more pic, my bad

    This is the one with the dark reddish/purple bit on the newer leaves growing in.
    Grow 008.jpg
  7. When I first moved into my house I thought that the attic would be the best place to grow but when I went up there, It was hot as helllllll!!! I stuck a thermometer up there the other day and I went up there around noon time and it was at 95 degrees!! I mean its not even summer yet and I figured I'd be cooking my plants up there. Do you have a thermometer? If so, how hot does it get in your attic? I wish you the best of luck and I have my fingers crossed for a female!
  8. yeah dude im doing the same thing. i just got a 250watt hps light n it sped up there growth like crazy. mine are all alittle over a foot tall now
  9. "Trying to Prove that ANYONE can grow"

    it already been proven without a doubt that even with the BEST lights and equipment NOT just anyone can grow herb.. just read these bb's long enought and you'll understand what i
  10. if those are cfls maybe you should put em closer. I read somewhere you should get the cfls up close.
  11. props on the grow man. good idea to only try for one fem out of 3. ONe question though...assuming all goes well, how are you going to cure it?
  12. with out more lighting eventually, this will be a great test of patience. my very first grow I did without enough lighting. it took about 6 mos. also, yeilds were very low, about 1/4 oz per plant. gl

    lol, thinking about curing already. hee hee
  13. All i can see this proving is that anyone can grow shit .... which is true .. anyone can

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