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  1. Buy any pack of Sleestack fem, cataract kush fem, or cannadential reg get reserva privada confidential cheese for free! Great deal!
  2. The sleestack was some of the highest priced buds on the menus at amsterdam, if you're looking for a good sativa with a long lasting up high I Highly recommend it ;) Confidential cheese was on my to order list and now I guess I'm gonna get it free with a pack of sleestack.. stoked.
  3. good stuff there red thanks, again:wave: :smoke:
  4. Sounds like another great promo! I just need to go through with it. Hey 420, how do you order from the tude? a CC or a prepaid?
  5. good stuff this month i gettin like 18 beans for less than 5 a bean..i use prepaid ..make sure its international...also include 420 in discount box for 10% off total:p
  6. What's up humper? Long time no talk bro! Sending you and your family good vibes! I really shouldn't miss this months special. But I have no choice. Already blew my load through SEEDBAY.
  7. I've used friends credit cards for the longest time.. always works and cheaper than prepaid, also discrete looking on your cc bill, even googling what shows up yields no ill results ;)
  8. then friends know:rolleyes:not worried about cyber worried about the guy down the street
  9. Yeah deac I'm with you... I don't want my friends wondering if...
  10. Yeah Attitude is legit. Even have done MoneyGram money orders. It takes a little longer (cause it has to get their first) but its all good especially if you wanna be anonymous.

    By the way, the only prepaid cards you can get in the states HAVE to be registered with your information. Correct information.
  11. thats true..but in the year i have been here i have never heard of anyone being arrested for purchasing a small amount of seeds;)
  12. True yeah thanks. I have been looking for a prepaid to be used internationally for the longest time (without linking personal info to it) -- i guess they rarely exist anymore
  13. if you dont mind me asking what did you order from seedbay..i was probly gonna grab some BOG strain
  14. any one who has grown these two strains?what do you guys suggest sleestack or the cataract kush...thanks

  15. Cataract Kush- Og Kush and LA Con

    Im growing LA Con and Kandy Kush (OG Kush x TW)

    OG Kush is known for its potency, but its stretchiness as well in flowering. LA Con is known for its potency but it's slow veg time and bushiness. Basically not much stretch in flowering.

    So it depends on how stable this crossed strain, cataract kush is. If it's pretty stable I would imagine an average veg time and stretch for flowering. All depends on how many phenotypes there are. I also imagine it would be decently lenient on nutes. My kandy kush and LA Con were big feeders in veg
  16. think its a win win..both rock...sleezstack is one of the highest priced in amsterdam..pure head rippin' sativa buzz:smoke:
  17. ya probly cant go wrong with either
  18. From SEEDBAY I got sour savers, bog sour bubble x lifesaver f2. Along with reservation labs grape skunk 5 pack and his mixed pack #2. Also some Chem d SD x SD from venturahwy. Got strawberry d f3s from Mooch's755 as one of my freebies!
  19. thats bad ass i wana kno how those come out i wana get the bog life savaers and bublgum i might as wel get that sour bubble too..i heardso much good shit bout BOG
  20. DNA reserva privada is hands down the best stuff you can get from the attitude.

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