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new at growing need help

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by 1fulltimeripper, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. hey every one i have a few questions if u could help it would be awsome

    i was givein two floresent light fixtures witch both have 2 light tubes per fixture if that makes sence i have t12 lights in the fixtures,i also have a 40 watt grow light for a aquarium and a t8 whitch is also 40 watts so i believe thats a total of 240watts.

    all these light are in a 6x4x2 white box. i have 3 plants in my current green house.

    my question is will this box be able to flower or atleast do my 12 on and 12 off with out hurtin my girl or stressin her out???

    thanks for readin!
  2. I've never kept a plant under 2 feet tall. If you're box is 4 feet tall, the plant should stay under this height. However, I've never grown with folouresent tubes.
  3. hey thats for stopping by..

    its acually six feet tall four foot wide and almost three feet deep.

    i basically wana know if i could use the lights i have to flower my girls till i can get a HPS FIXTURE???

    thanks for the advice.
  4. i have moved this tread to general indoor so admin's you can get rid of thead..thanks so much
  5. Whats the link to the new thread? Oh and there is no way you can flower a plant that big and be happy with the results with those lights.
  6. Since your doing an indoor grow you need to look at the amount of lumins the light puts out and not the watts so much. Also for veg use a light that is 6500k... and in the cool blue , or blueish color spectrum and for flowering use 2500-3000k lights in the redish or day light spectrum . heres some links that may help you.

    It also really depends on the type of lights you use but you need to find out the lumins output.

    Im pretty new to growing too , but just follow most of the guides on here and if you have any problems ask away!

    Happy Growing! :smoking:

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