New ash catcher?

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  1. Hi guys, i'm sorry for my broken english . :(

    I'm currently looking for a new ash catcher for my bong (blaze mix and match series 12 arm perc Blaze Glass - Mix and Match Series - 7mm Glass Beaker Bong Base - Glass Ice Bongs - Glass Bongs - Bongs and Waterpipes - Smoking Pipes -

    I'm actually using a black leaf precooler (Pre-Cooler 'Cooler' - 14.5/18.8 - Cendriers / Prérefroidisseurs - Pièces de rechange - Pipes Smoking - which is not really good (water dont stay on it...).

    I don't know what kind of precooler i should buy, i need a double 18.8 mm joint (to the bong and to the bowl) but i need an adaptater for using my 14.5 bowls too.

    I've found those pieces :

    Black Leaf - 3-Chamber Circ Perc Precooler - Rasta - Cendriers / Prérefroidisseurs - Pièces de rechange - Pipes Smoking - (but only 14.5 bowl joint size :/)

    Black Leaf - Triple Perc Precooler With Adapter - Cendriers / Prérefroidisseurs - Pièces de rechange - Pipes Smoking - (perfect but i'm not sure that he will fit to my bong... maybe by adding a EHLE carbon active adaptater?).

    Any idea?

    Thanks a lots and sorry for my bad english
  2. If you want a "precooler" aka an ashcatcher that functions well (no splashback when you clear) then you are going to have to invest in quality glass. None of the items you listed are quality glass IMO. SSFG makes an inline ashcatcher for $60. This is probably one of the cheapest ashcatcher that actually functions out there. I believe you will be much more impressed if you purchased the SSFG than any of your other options you mentioned. :bongin:
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    Thanks a lot for your reply!

    But seems like don't ship to my country (France) :(.

    Can i buy it somewhere else?:confused:
  4. Sorry buddy, that's the only place you're probably going to find their work.
  5. I'll buy it for ya then ship it to ya if possible? Idk if it will be cheaper u can pm me. If its not.agaiast the law lol
  6. I would have looked if the images werent hyper linked.....

  7. Thanks dude, it's not against the law ;) . But seems a bit risky for me :D

    There is my bong :

    Mayby they are other good glass who will fit my bong? :confused:

  8. epic win! :d

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