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New apartment with my bro - how to smoke

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by thekeeftheif, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Okay so I just got finished moving into my apartment with my brother, and the problem is, I would like to toke - but I don't wanna stink up the whole place. He's fine with me toking, but doesn't do it himself, never has, never will, and just asks that I don't leave any smells. Problem is, I've got my room, and my bathroom. My bathroom has no windows or fans I can turn on, has vents tho (durr). And as for my room, it's got 2 big ol windows that face the area where everyone parks there cars and walks in/the street. So idk about just blowing trees like crazy out of that window haha. I am thinking my best option is to just make a sploof, smoke out of the bathroom /w towel under the door and plenty of febreeze.

    What'd you think GC
  2. In the words of wiz khalifa " Towel under the door we was supposed to even smoke"- Never been in ur room btw
  3. If he doesn't care that you smoke just go into your bathroom turn on the fan and blow the smoke into it. Any smell that might linger out will be gone in a matter of minutes. (I ONLY smoke in my house and the smell doesn't linger long.)

    edit: mis-read your post, you don't have a fan. Eh, sploof should be fine if you are using a piece.

    or an easier solution, get a vaporizor.
  4. In the words of a normal person "Just use a sploof w/ the vent on"
  5. make the dryer sheets thing and blow that outta your room windows.
  6. Id say just get some quality incense and a fan, aim the fan out the window and smoke as much as you want. also put a towel under the crack of your door so no smell sneaks out. The incense should take care of the smell nicely.
  7. Yeah, if you don't need to hide it from other members of the residence there's nothing wrong with lighting some incense. If you light it all of the time, or at least during times of not smoking as well, guests and other people won't really think anything of it.
  8. My place is the same. Already smoked first day of move in. Smoked all of last year in a similar situation. Window open, towel under door, box fan, windows open and febreze. No worries and happy toking!
  9. yea, i'll probably try combos of all these, but I am definitly gonna try to avoid the big windows in my room, because all it'd take is one person parking their car to notice, and if they ain't a weed fan I, and as well as my brohski, could be in trouble.

    thx for all the advice btw yall, i appreciate it :]
  10. Weed doesn't stick on clothes and stuff like tobacco so you shouldn't have to worry too much but I'd light some candles or incense.
  11. i wonder if CVS sells incense :p
  12. It's probably been said but get a window fan (maybe 20 bucks at walmart) open the window and face it outward, crank her up and sit near it and exhale at it! When you are done, leave the fan on for a few more minutes. All smoke evacuated!


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