New Android Grasscity Community App Now Live...and Free

Discussion in 'Grasscity Forums App' started by RMJL, May 23, 2013.

  1. :yay: I love you guys!  :love: 
  2. Wow, thanks! Ill keep an eye out for the refund...very nice of SJ to do that.
  3. Well that's a nice suprise. Loving everything so far. Just had to get used to it all. But I mostly used the app, so i bought that right away.

    One question, how do you report posts on the app?
  4. I had no problem paying the $1 for the app, but I was very curious that since the grasscity store and grasscity community are two different entities, where this money was going...
    oh well!
    Money from an app for the community would go towards community funds. It wouldn't be used to support the shop.
    The app is free now , we issued a refund to all purchasers.
  7.  I know, I've had it since it was issued free since that's when I heard the announcement, just clarifying something he was unsure of.
  8. Rock on guys! :metal: I already paid the dollar and am pleasantly surprised to hear that it will now be free
  9. Will the iOS version be free as well? Hope to see it in the App Store soon.
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    Yes it is going to be free.
  11. Am I the only one that thinks they should charge the 99¢ for it?
    I mean I understand how you can think that, but I'm not going to complain about something that is free.
  13. oh shit ima check it out. thanks :)
  14. no version for the iphone :(
    Not yet, the apple market takes forever to process new apps. The android and iphone were both submitted awhile ago.
    That's why this thread was titled "New Android GC App" versus "New GC Smarphone App"
  16. Notice the post date above mine. 1370717072007.jpg
  17. For me it changes to 01/01/1970
  18. Participated tab NEVER shows any threads I've posted in.
  19. I've been using the updated app on my tablet (phone 2.3.7)

    Great app just needs better definition on read/unread posts.

    Might just be me but under heavy use of meds it becomes a little stained to make out which is which lol

    everything I write is fictional and should never be taken seriously. I just want to be a big boy and look cool in front of my friends.


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