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New! and need some help!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by pandaa, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. hey im new to the whole weed thing me and my 2 friends are wanting to get high for the first time we have a dealer and stuff we are just clueless on how much weed we should buy? to get us all a good high. if you could help out that would be great! :)
  2. For a first time a few grams should do you all, how you planning on smoking it ?
  3. You guys wont have a high tolerance for weed so probably 2 grams would be enough, it also depends on how you are smoking it and if its schwag or mids.
  4. If you're really new then, from my experience, 1 gram should be enough for all of you to get hit a few times. You won't need much to get retarded. But it also depends on the quality of your grass and your instrument of choice.
  5. Yeah 2 grams. Or a "dub".
  6. I'd say 2grams would get you all a good experience.
  7. just out of a reg glass bong and its mids
  8. 1 gram and a waterfall and or gravity bong, always good for beginners. Everytime I smoke out those who have yet to loose their virginity to Mary I use a waterfall since I can see how much their intake is so they don't green out.

    Works great, but if they want more I won't stop them.
  9. awesome thanks
  10. Make sure that you get the dankest shit your dealer has if its your first time. Go for 2 - 3 grams.

    You should try to get someone who has experience to set up a gravity bong because you might have trouble using it and you wanna get extremely blasted the first time, and a grav will help you achieve that goal.

    Have fun and stay smart!
  11. Two grams. You dont need to smoke it all. Some people dislike weed after a bad first experience and it happens. Anyways, just smoke what you're comfortable with.
  12. You guys are all nuts lol

    In my experiences, when people rip my bong their first time smoking, it makes them puke and/or not wanna smoke ever again.

    OP I'd say 1 gram MAX and just use a pipe or a joint
  13. For mids an 3 people... 2 grams and a gravity bong gotta love that gravity

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