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  1. First of all i wanna say hi to the grass city community. This is my 2nd grow so im still learning but heres some info that will help you know my setup.

    Strain: 3 x pineapple express, 1 purple haze
    Medium: Hydro (Clay Pebbles in a wilma)
    plant age: 4 weeks on 18/6
    pot size: 11
    has it been repotted? and when?: N/A
    nutes or additives used: Ionic Grow (50-60ml in 30L Tank)
    temps (min max): 27C - 30C (Lights on)
    humidity: 40-50
    lighting type: 400w hps
    ph level: 5.8
    EC: 1.1-1.2
    Feeding schedule: Every 2 hour for 15 mins (Lights on), None (Lights off)

    Ok the 1st problem is that on only one of the pineapple express the leaves are turning yellow and brown at the tips i think its a potassium deficiency but thought id get some expert advice.

    [​IMG]IMG_05115 - Marijuana Pictures, Photos & Videos - Media Gallery

    And the 2nd problem is the roots on the purple haze they are all about 4 weeks old and the purple haze is the biggest but the roots have gone abit crazy. What do i do?

    [​IMG]IMG_05115 - Marijuana Pictures, Photos & Videos - Media Gallery

    Image wasnt working so heres a link.

    Cheers for looking and any help given. BudMan27
  2. 148 views and no help :mad:

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