New aerogarden grower, yellowing leafs please help!!

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  1. Ok so i am very new to growing,in fact this is my first attempt at growing some actual bud myself,i decided to go 9ut and buy some clones and try to let them grow in the garden itself. I had bout 2 g.g #4 clones and a gsc clone, all was going well for a coupme of days, untill i used F.F, after that my plants took a dump after 2 days, i mean seriouse leaf claw and droopy to the very max. So i cleaned out the resevoir and added some new spring water in it with the aerogarden nutrients but just half the dose to prevent burning. Now i am starting to see yellowing in my leaves slowly but surely, ive had them under 12/12 since i bought them when they were 3 weeks old, they are now 4. The smallest plant is a seed that i grew at 12/12 From the start, i have the stock aerogarden nutes,the f.f nutes. And jungle juice bloom and micro and was thinking of running the lucas formula on them but i am scared to add anything into it right now im just in a hole now with these plants and am trying my best to keep them alive and healthy. My ph test shows roughly 6.0 but i dont have the digital meter yet it is ordered and on its way along with ph adjusting kit and reflective stealth grow tent. If someone can just please help me out and point me in a direction of success i would highly appriciate it, anything helps! Thanks guys and stay green!

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  2. Well first of all if you're still vegging those plants then you want to be on at least 18 hours of light. Most commonly people veg under 18 hours of light 6 hours of complete darkness. Second, your plants still look pretty young. I would change your res again but this time just add regular water ph'd between 5.8-6.3 and maybe throw a little calmag in if you're using RO water. See how she reacts... After a few days I would change the res again but this time do 1/4 nutrient strength. Only use what you need, I would stay away from any supplements at least until you're almost ready to flower. Hope this helps
  3. Thanks for you support man, i ended up taking them out and transplanting to soil 1 didnt make it, i just got tired of seeing them suffer. Others are doing ok now, i started a new aero grow from seed instead of clone,well see how it goes. But again thank you!!
  4. Best of luck!
  5. Let me know how that goes. I'm interested in the germination process you are using

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  6. I germinate directly into aero from paper towel into hydro rocks. No problems

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