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Discussion in 'General' started by Fizzly, Oct 28, 2014.

  1. I just heard about this on the radio. I scanned through GC but didn't see any mention of it. I hope there's some old broads on there; I will check it out tonight:

  3. Yep

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  4. Hi, my name is scott, I'm 40, and i live with my mom. I'm looking for a girl that smokes weed and has her own place.
    I'll be moving into ur place pretty quickly, and plan to smoke up all ur bud.
    If this sounds good to you, let's date.
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  5. Main hobbies include
    Smoking pot
    Eating everything
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    Soooooooo.... you literally made an account to call advertisement on a well known member of GC? Lol

    Dude doesn't spam lol Jazus christ
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  7. [​IMG]
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  8. Yes.. that's exactly Why I made the account
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  9. [​IMG]
    UH OH.
    So that means, double account? 
    Uz a gunnas be a raped. 
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  10. Lol sure seems like it. Otherwise it's really.. Really... Really bizarre that your first post was calling out an OP for advertisement.

    Like.. I can't put into words how absolutely bizarre that would be.
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    One brief foray into the online dating world was not very good for my ego. I seem to attract women who look like my aunt. She's been dead for four years. I also draw the outright lunatic. One showed me a picture of her with war paint, (literally) all over her face, while holding two gas cans and a blow torch. It wasn't Halloween either. Said she was "having some issues."  
    I imagine at my age throwing a little 420 into the equation would send things right into the macabre.
    I'm of the mind that you find the right one early, or you wind up wading thru the messes others leave behind.
    But you go get yourself a dog.
    So that's pretty cool.  
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    I absolutely agree with that. However, I let a zillion of them slip through my fingers, including two wives -- although neither of them was of the highest caliber. Good looking? -- yes, but that was about it.
    As for online dating, I had great experiences with it, and did it off and on for over ten years. I met and boinked some real nice ladies that I would never have met otherwise.
    The problem is that when we get old it becomes increasingly difficult to have a LTR with somone, because everyone has so much baggage. Which brings us back to your original point.
  13. Thought I'd found the right one for about 10 years. Then the next 10 years happened.
    I sure do like my dog.  :smoke:
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  14. Cats here (zillions of rodents around here without them).
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  15. I feel like that's just gonna be a bunch of dudes lol. Let us know how it works out for ya

    Happy toking!

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  16. the only 420 dating site i use is
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  17. The really scary thing is I remember when that song was released. :eek:
    I had dogs in an earlier life. Don't want any more, I don't even like them. Or more specifically, I don't like dog owners.
    Me too. :(
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