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  1. 311 has come out with a new cd, and it rox. Lots of stoner songs, im not even sure if its come out yet but I know its on Kazaa. Creatures is the single and its alright, but 'Seems uncertain' 'Dont Dwell' and 'Beyond the gray sky' are the only other songs ive heard and I suggest yall give them a listening too.
  2. It came out last tuesday,
    its not bad i like it.

    i like the first song not bad at all.
  3. who the hell is 311?
  4. yeah dude their new cd is likin it a lot right now :)

    theyre developing their sound a lot better now and its pretty cool

    haha dude^ 311 is a band..theyve got some good shit :)
  5. ya bong man, 311 is a band. There total stoners too. Alot of cool music to just chill too. Listen to some of there shit they have 10 albums.
  6. i always thought 311 blew dogs for quarters, but hey, thats just me.

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  7. thanx for the tip. i first got into 311 'bout a year ago. reggea stoner metal. whatta mix, and it works. can't wait to hear their new album!
  8. 311- evovler

    very good all the songs are good pretty mellow cd over all no real pot orinatated songs the last song is a nice acoustic ballard sure to calm you down
  9. good cd.... a wee bit short but still good....its what to be expected from them.... goin to see them in two weeks....can't wait...good enough quality...


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  10. >moved to music forum

    I love it. it is short, but ill take it anyday.. 311 I dont think will ever let me down. I just got a hold of the cd and finally got some time where I can just blast sure the neighbors will be giving me their opinion in no time :D

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