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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by BigBurdCaliToka, Jan 6, 2004.

  1. Whut up folks? I hail from California and its taken me 18 long years of self restraint, but now i am finally referred to as a STONER! YAY! Im fuckin excited, and im ur fuckin role model. SO BE FUCKIN EXCITED!! Im fuckin get fuckin BLAZED!!! Shit yeah snootchie bootchie! Anyway, i love to puff cheebah, and i love smokin hookah, i enjoy smoking out of household products, but i still appreciate the crafstmanship of a goood RooR. I hope to learn manny things from this site.

    Ive been smokjing since about august or september of 2003. PPl used to always think i was a stoner even tho i never was one. TEAR!! But then one night in my apartment when im at school in san diego i was smokin hookah and my rommate made fun of my tokes and said that he could outtoke my hookah puffs on a bong. so i said FUCK YOU U CRAZY RUSKIBASTARD!! tehn i out-bonged him.errr outtoked or smoked or whutever. and ive been hooked ever seince. my sister and i even mad ea bong together 2 day....and now were reallly blazed! YAY!! peace out

    stonerifically yours,

    Big Burd
  2. Welcome ya mad man.
  3. Welcome to the city..
  4. crazy ass:) welcome to the city! people always thought I was a stoner before I blazed too...
  5. Welcome to the City! :D
  6. Welcome to your new home! Spark one up and get to readin'.


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