New 2 gig Nano Ipod*PICS*

Discussion in 'General' started by weed420, Dec 8, 2006.

  1. hey fellas,
    thought i would share some pics of my new ipod i got,it's awesome it's only a 2 gig but holds 600+ songs.lemme know what you all think:) btw won this from an auction on ebay for only 90 bucks:D

  2. you got a deal! those things are like 150 to 200 new
  3. The clickwheel looks messed up

    I've never seen an iPod with the Play/Pause logo on the center button (except for the Shuffle)

    What's it say at the 6 o'clock position on the wheel?
  4. hell yeah strait bootleg. the screen size and VOL on the 6 'oclock give it away
  5. Hey bro, does it work? Cause i was gonna pay for a new one, but if it works just the same im gonna buy myself one.
  6. that def. does not look like a nano ipod

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