New 1k light high temp low humidity

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by limpy L, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. I changed my 400 for a 1k cool tube light in my drt90 bottom flowering room. I went and checked on them and the temp was 80-88 with humidity down to 10-15.

    I have a 6 inch exhaust fan sucking through a filter through the cool tube and out the tent.. I also have 1 six inch fan blowing across the tops of the flowers..

    What else can I do to bring the temps to the 70's and humidity to 30-40?? Should I put a new fan in and a Humidifier?? I know flowering does not like high humidity but 10-15 is too low at this stage.. About 5 weeks into a 8-12 week flowering strain..
  2. Figure out a way to get cold, A/C air in there.
  3. What's your intake like? I don't know the size of that tent but I know that as cold as it is outside even with my 1k HPS in my 4x8' tent sometimes I wish it were a degree or two warmer in there.
  4. I think it is 3x3x6... I have one vent open which is 6"x4" or so.. In my basement which is 60 or so degrees. If I can control the temp what about the humidity
  5. Humidity may fix itself. What I did when I thought humidity was too low was grab the Vick's humidifier that we use when the kid is sick.

    You're intake is just pulling air from the basement then if I read right? I'm sure it works as far as getting co2 to the plants but is there anyway to run the intake from a window or something to the tent? That cold as balls air outside seems to be what your tent needs while the light is on. I don't know what your day to day schedule is like but ideally I'd think if you could run from the window when light is on, then plug that duct with something during lights out and use your current intake so that you don't get too cold with lights out and no need for a heater.

    If that's all just not an option then you may need to listen to the other poster and grab and portable AC and set it in the basement near your tent's intake.
  6. 6x4 intake, so 24 square inches of intake? With a 6 inch exhaust? Sounds like your intake might possibly be TOO big, so much so that it seems there wouldn't be any negative pressure in the box, or whatever you have it, meaning that essentially, rather than pulling the hot air out of the box, it's pulling the air from outside straight through it.

    Try 12" intake.

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