New 1989 25th anniv Mustang GT.

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    i finally got my car back :D

    Perfect Interior! I will update later with some pics

    Pypes violator mufflers

    alpine deck

    cobra rims, new engine with 20k on it, new clutch 3.23 posi rearend, 62k on body

    The taillights and shifter knob came with it i hate em wanna get a roush knob and some stock 90 lights

    all for 1500 bucks

    It is now BLACK i had to paint it because there were alot of spots with surface rust and i am on a budget so it has a 100$$ paintjob but hey as long as it has no rust i'm happy









    EXHUAST VID: Turn this shit up :devious:

  2. kick ass, i love 5.0s

    i might buy my grandfathers 84. it's had a lot of work done to it, if you really get on it you can get the front tires off the ground.
  3. nickname for those cars around here 5.slow
  4. :rolleyes:

    whats the engine code for a GT 5.0? got another swap idea in mind. :devious:
  5. new pics up
  6. nice foxbody. any mods done to it? a good H/C/I (heads, cam, intake manifold) will really wake it up. if you still have the stock airbox i would keep it. throw in a K&N filter in the stock box. aftermarket cold air intakes do not perform nearly as great as the stock box with a K&N in it.
  7. so you just painted over the surface rust? that's a no-no-no! it's just going to get worse and eat your rockers/panels/ were ever the rust is. sigh..people who go cheap just never learn.
    Love your shifter though... :)
  8. no man i sanded it all down lol not lettin my car get cancer

    and i would like a HCI there's a cobra manifold floatin around locally but i'm brok e
  9. you can get a nice gt40 intake manifold for a decent price. along with gt40 heads, and cam choice is up to you. AFR heads are very nice for the money. holley systemax intakes flow great as well.
  10. oh very nice. I think they look great in black. I'm not a big fan of them taillights though.

    sounds sweet too
  11. o man trust me i have been searchin for a stock 1990 set i hate these things:(
  12. Sickkk whip +rep Lovin those stangs
  13. Sick stang, man +rep. Looks and sounds badass and what a deal! My only problem with the 5.0 is the lack of aftermarket parts. The 4.6 has wayy more for less. But still, That model is my favorite..
  14. 4.6's are fun but you have to get a PI the NPI sucks as bad as the 3.8 if you can get a 3v(bullit) or a 4v cobra then they hual but after market gets kinda spendy. if i had a 4.6 i'd get a 3v or 4v and make a it stage two then maybe go FI

    first big mod going on this one is some spray :D
  15. lack of 5.0 aftermarket parks??? :confused:
  16. Well this car seems to be very macho and in very good condition, tyres are new and lots of work is being done on engine, hope it might be feeling like a booster rocket when it drives
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    it's pretty complete only thing i need is to tighten the e brake handle fix the damn speaky courtesy light get all the fluids changed o and my gas guage :p that's the most important! the rest are just lil pet peeves lol

    also it's decently fast but the one in my sig (my 1990) had custom cam ported upper and lower intakes full MSD ignition new yukon 3.23 axles, stage 2 clutch, CAI, UDP's, full BBK exhuast to no mufflers (h-pipe) etc. so this one has a ways to go before catchin up ;) and if you are wondering why my 1990 got sold it's because my parents went insane on me when i changed to online school due to OCD and anxiety problems and they forced me to sell my car along with taking away all electronics and my clothes lol!

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