New 18" Illadelph with Rasta and Milk

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  1. I picked up this bong at a headshop in PA last week. Cost 350 and I got it for 280. It's 18" Beaka bottom (loving it). I also got a free lil' ashcatcher with it that helps keep is so clean, it's really small though. Man this bong gets me so high I'm so happy with it.

    Lemme know what ya think! I'm RippEddd! :smoking::D

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  2. that things excellent man
    ash catchers make everything fucking awesome!
    I approve this purchase! :smoking::hello:
  3. ahhhh that looks like a ripper! good pick up man! have fun with her:smoking:
  4. Beautiful tube man. I'm so jealous. I wish I could upgrade from my ADS to an illedelph. Perfect balance between function and art. :smoking:
  5. Props to ya for reppin Illadelph. :D Happy toking :smoke:
  6. lol, i've totally got that same ash catcher on my beaker bottom delta. sick piece too.
  7. Got a few more pics of my new piece, had it for about a month? I think maybe longer I can't remember that's how stoned I get off of this Illy..

  8. Nice Illy man. How does it hit as a beaker? I hit my g/fs rasta Illy str8 and the flow is perfect.

  9. Flow is great, nice slow milk and just super smooth...I usually fill it up with Ice as well so it's just a glorious hit man.
  10. Nice piece man!!

    Is that a tele in the background of one of those pics? :)
  11. ncie piece but i think you shoulda gotten the 2010 labeled rasta beakers. the labels are beautiful on the 2010s

  12. nah its a fender jazz bass man!

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