Never wearing underwear again

Discussion in 'General' started by Stoogemeister, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. Soooooooooooo....

    i was walking about in my town this evening, wearing cargo shorts and for some reason just decided not to wear boxers. And damn, i must say, I felt like a champ when the wind blew up thy pant leg. Providing much needed airflow to my nether regions.

    I realized then, at that moment in time, that i will never wear underwear again. Twas a spicy declaration.
  2. Beware the zipper.

    I have warned thee.
  3. rash on wiener isn't to be played with...
  4. If you get wet (from rain, haha) your wiener will be mutilated. Also, white isn't the best color to go exploring in :)
  5. it willz hurt!

    [ame=]YouTube - Theres Something About Mary - Bathroom Scene (HQ)[/ame]
  6. I used to be very against underwear when I was younger. I always thought... what the fuck do I need to double layer for? You can't see my penis whether I'm wearing undies or not. I also never wore jeans, always sweat pants... The good old days.
  7. haha same i used to hate jeans mom made me wear them on special occasions
  8. Haha yeah I really hated jeans. I couldn't be as illusive or agile in them! :smoke:
  9. Don't let your pants sag too low, though.
    I've got a friend who goes back and forth between wearing boxers and wearing nothing at all so he forgets a lot to mind how low his shorts are when he ain't wearing nothing. Let's just say I've seen a little more of that friend than necessary for the level of our relationship. :cool:
  10. seeing as how I always wear baller' shorts.. I have to, otherwise every step will produce a huge swing in my step if you catch what I'm sayin.
  11. Wait until winter. When that breeze ain't so refreshing.
  12. i hate underwear
  13. Welcome to the team :wave:
  14. I dunno... couldn't do it. And I don't have anything dangling :eek:
  15. I used to go away for 3 months at a time to work at a summer camp.
    I never once wore underwear while working. So fo 3 months of my life, or 5 years in a row, I did not wear underwear. And it was AWESOME.
    I like doing it in the summer time when it gets hot and sticky cause some added airflow is def. necessary.
    ah free ballin, how i miss thee.
    well, many day i just wear gym/mesh shorts and if i dont leave my house i dont put on underwear.
  16. Usually when I do laundry I do it commando :eek: it is a very liberating feeling. I approve!
  17. I never wore underwear when I was a kid. It felt liberating indeed.

    Fuck the system, go commando. :metal:
  18. i like freeballin, the breeze keeps down on the sweat. also your sack doesnt get stuck to you that way :p
  19. Sometimes I'm down for commando.. But it all depends on what type of pants I'm wearing. My junk doesn't like rubbing up against jeans all day..

    But some gym shorts or something.. Yeahya. I'm down. ha!
  20. I never wear underwear. I like the freedom. just make sure you wipe real good.

    and I don't know what jeans you wear but mine have an extra piece of cloth between the zipper and my wiener. no scraping.

    or wear button fly.

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