never trim your nosehairs again!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by highawatha, Oct 24, 2001.

  1. just keep using one of those long utility lighter/torch thingys and eventually you'll mess-up and the flame will quickly go up your nose and burn off your hairs. yea, i snickered too. for 3 days, many times a day as i clicked the button on the flame we usually light the gasgrill with i thought id come up with a prettttty cool lighter in my quest for flame the other day.although i recommend paying much more attention than I! anyhow if you use one of those babies a magic number of times you'll mess up and ......on second thought after caughing up 3 inches of my j from INHALING it just now..(ever happen to anyone else?) now i know you can get a blister on your tongue from accidently using it to effectively snuf out your joint. im taking both of those things as a sign :)
    later after i feel better from ashing in my mouth, i better just use a bong
  2. LMAO..........thanx........
  3. it looks like someones using REAL drugs again :rolleyes:
  4. beware the bong. it might save nose hair but a lung full of the water is no little thing. I once cleared the tube after a nice hit- the left overs in about an 18'' bubbler. The bowl was out and with no carburator I got a bunch of that stuff in me. I sprayed dirty bong water across the room and heaved for an hour. I couldn't smoke for the rest of the night!
  5. lol will take note of highawatha's experence.
    i bought an 1/8 and put it in the savorite pipe me got from sj (thanks) a year ago. i love that thing. it stashes your grass AND packs a bowl. the only thing i dont like on it is that the hole is too small and i cant get a deep hit off it. so i drilled a hole. haha i am smarter than the pipe.
  6. wasted herb was next in my little thing there...but i forgot :)
    i hope you find your glass pipe.....may it be behind the couch and not in someone elses home.

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