never toke in the dark with candles

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by brian8472, Oct 16, 2003.

  1. so im sitting here in my spare bedroom when im all done i decide to blow out the candels now reminding you all i am totally blitzed out of my mind, i take the candle after i put it out and acidently tiped it, out poured hot wax all over engulfing my hand i start screaming like a madman and turn on the light when i looked at my hand i thought the blob had got me cause it was steaming hot and burning me but yea luckily for me it turned out to be just wax and i eventually ate it all off :p
  2. haha, i eat wax
  3. dude i was totally stoned i normally do not eat wax
  4. reminds me of a story. Me and some friends walking around leeds festival all stoned. We sit down with some other stoners and this security chick and they have those tea light thingies everywhere. Anyways we sit down and start talking to them. One suddenly turns to the other and says very softly and calmly.
    "dave, mate"
    "what?" came the reply
    "yeah man?"
    "your foot's on fire."
  5. this is partially why it's illegal, i think. i hear people talking about hallucinations and shit and doing stupid shit like that.. the people in charge say "weed makes you do this this and this" well, i think it's stuff like that that it's based on.
  6. alchohol makes you do stupid shit but thats not illegal
  7. Good point.

    I like to mess around with hot wax when I'm high. 4 of my fingers are immune to the heat.
  8. that's a good one dude, lol..

    eating wax, i've never meet anyone who done that, my friend once ate a full cigarette unlit.

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