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    After recently being exposed to an abundant amount of dank buds that I was never privy too before, I would rather buy 2 grams of dank than get an eigth (30$) of some pretty decent mids.

    I have always smoked mids, then when I visited San Antonio, I saw White Widow and that shit was fucking dank. Now I have been smoking the dank nugs and it feels more amazing, although maybe its just the placebo effect.

    Anyways, I kind of rambled on but does anyone strictly stick to dank on buys unless they are dry and have to get mids?
  2. Well I smoked mids a really low amount of times when I started smoking, and have been smoking dank buds for a really long time now, but I can definitly notice the difference... But I dont really know what mids is like in the long run, like when it wears off.

    So its hard for me to tell hahah :D
  3. Dank whenever I can get it. Quality over quantity any old day of the week. It's just sooo much better. Then again, I mainly smoke mids. But the mids I get from my dealer some others would call dank so I'm not complaining.
  4. I usually only smoke mids if my guys are dry
  5. im the pickiest smoker ull ever meet. its ok your becoming sophisticated ;)
  6. its all about the dank nuggets, i dont even like to consider schwag as weed....the shitty taste does not justify the beautifulness of marijuana
  7. I fucking WISH I could get a steady supply of dank.
  8. i almost never smoke mids. if im picking up myself and i have only 20 bucks then ill get an 8th over a g most of the time though.
  9. yeah why buy mids when you can get dank
  10. Yea im from Sa-town and its got the best weed you smoked in your life. I've smoked chronic in sa-town and it makes you fly pretty high.
  11. Hah, i mainly smoke mids.

    Dank here costs alot compared to our mids, i can get 3.5 grams for 20 bucks if my dealer is feeling nice, of mids. Same amount of dank here is like 35$

    Kinda pissy about that. Since i'm on a college budget i prefer the mids TBH, i've had dank, not terribly better IMO
  12. Dank is different though. The fluffiness, the smell, the texture. Its so much more sticky and dense.
  13. Oh wow. Buddeh, I just noticed that your sig violates the sig rules. Ironic, eh?

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